The Solution
The Path to Net Zero.

How does it work?

The Windship system is an auxiliary power supply, each rig is a three vertical wing set 35 metres high.

The below table shows the amount of Kilowatts (kW) generated by the wings, using an example of a 74,000 ton deadweight vessel fully laden and with three rigs, travelling under engine at 12 knots.

The engine power is represented as 6000 hp actual output of an 11,000 hp engine once the inefficiencies of the drive train and propeller are taken into account. The 6000 hp is the thrust generated in the water to drive the ship. The other colour curves represent the power generated by the wings which is direct power with no lost inefficiencies.

Power curves for 3 Windship rigs on 74,000 DWT bulker

Windship Technology – The Path to Net Zero.