Use of fluid mechanics improves the efficiency of wind-assisted ships

UK-based Cape Horn Engineering has reported a two-digit percentage improvement in the aerodynamic performance of a vessel’s solid wing assembly via the use of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) programme.

The ancient technology getting a second wind – BBC interview

People fixing the world Our Technical Director, Simon Rogers, was interviewed by Nick Holland on the BBC World Service in May 2020, talking about how the Windship Technology solution can save over 70% fuel and help bulk carriers significantly cut emissions too. Old ships, powered by the wind, are sailing small amounts of cargo around [...]

Wind Tunnel Testing

Further Windship Technology testing confirms at least 30% annual fuel and emissions saving for commercial shipping. Key industry experts, prospective clients in the shipping, commodities and petrochemical sectors together with UK government officials attended the Mitchell – Wolfson Unit Wind Tunnel at the University of Southampton to view the testing of the most recent Windship […]

Net Zero Emissions Target

As featured in TradeWinds in July 2019, Tanker shipping veteran and long-term proponent of wind propulsion, Lars Carlsson, is proposing a campaign to shift shipowners toward net-zero emission status as the industry begins to get to grips with the IMO target for a 50% cut by 2050. Carlsson, current director of Windship Technology, a former Managing Director of Concordia […]

Windship Director races in the Rolex Fastnet Race 2019

Simon Rogers, Technical Director of Windship Technology, and his family participated in the Rolex Fastnet Race 2019.  The crew of Assent, a Contessa 32 and the smallest IRC boat in the Race arrived safely in Plymouth at 0430 on 9th August 2019 after an “epic night of lightning, high winds and waves.” Huge congratulations to [...]

Study finds scrubbers will have ‘serious consequences’ on marine life

A new study finds scrubbers will have serious consequences on marine life. Lars Carlsson, from Windship Technology, highlighted the study as he argued for carbon-neutral vessels as emissions regulations get even tighter in the future. “Let us forbid scrubbers and instead invest in carbon-neutral vessels for net-zero emissions from shipping,” he told Tradewinds. “Those who […]

Wind will play a big part in carbon-neutral shipping

Letter to the Financial Times from Windship Technology Chairman, Robert Elliott, June 2019 Your timely Big Read “Can shipping clean up its act?” (May 31), on the pollution caused by shipping globally, makes key points about the environmental problem caused by the fuel used by the global merchant fleet. The International Maritime Organization has regulated [...]

Government Support of Windship Technology

WindShip Technology featured in The Parliamentary Review for Transport 2016/2017. A consortium set up by five shipping industry leaders to develop a sail power concept, Windship Technology aims to revolutionise the way tomorrow’s large vessels. carry goods across the world’s oceans. But the next critical step, according to its team, is to acquire funding in [...]